The 7th Asia Arts Festival will be held from 25 to 28 July 2019 at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

 Participation in the 7th Asia Arts Festival (hereinafter referred to as the "Festival") is subject to the rules and regulations set out herein ("Rules and Regulations"). By registering for the Festival, the participant agrees to all the Rules and Regulations. The organiser (the "Festival Organiser") reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw the Rules and Regulations (or any part thereof) without prior notice, especially if it is a matter of safety.


a.    The Festival is open to all.

b.    Registration for the Festival will close on 1 June 2019 (the "Closing Date"). Registration forms are to be duly completed and submitted (via Google Forms) by the Closing Date. No mail-in, phone or email entries will be accepted, unless otherwise authorised by the Festival Organiser. All entries must be made using only the registration form. To assist the Festival Organiser, please register as soon as practicable.

c.     The registration fee is to be paid via bank transfer before the Closing Date to secure a place in the Festival, subject to the Festival Organiser's discretion.

d.    The participation fee is neither refundable nor transferable, subject to the discretion of the Festival Organiser.

e.    The Festival Organiser has the full discretion to accept or reject any registration entries made after the Closing Date.

f.      The Festival Organiser reserves the right to postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the Festival, due to adverse weather, safety, emergency or dangerous situations or any other cause beyond their reasonable control. No refund will be made under any circumstances, except at the Festival Organiser's discretion if the Festival is postponed or cancelled.

g.    The Festival Organiser reserves the right to cancel any categories if due to insufficient participants. As such, the participation fee will be refunded, subject to the discretion of the Festival Organiser.   

h.    The Festival Organiser reserves the right to amend the Festival program at any time.

i.      All performances will be held in the Conservatory Concert Hall at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music ("Festival Venue"), unless otherwise stated.

j.      Entrance into the Festival Venue is by tickets only. Tickets are compulsory for all entrants. Ticketing information will be released closer to the date of the Festival.

k.     Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected at all times. Failure to display proper decorum, as determined by the Festival Organiser and/or Festival adjudicators could result in an immediate disqualification of the relevant parties involved.

2. categories

a.    The Festival welcomes participants to take part in any of the following:

·      Singing

·      Playing an instrument

·      Dance

b.    The categories are as follows:

·      Solo

·      Duet

·      Trio

·      Quartet

·      Small Group (5 – 13)

·      Medium Group (14 – 22)

·      Large Group (23 – 40)

c.     For the piano category, there will be 4 sub-categories with cash awards to be given to the top 3 participants in the Diploma and Above category. In the unlikely event where the performance level falls below the expected standards, the Festival adjudicators and the Festival Organiser reserve the rights to withhold the cash awards.

3. Performance

a.    A participant may participate in as many categories as he/she would like. Separate applications must be made for different categories.  

b.    The decision of the Festival adjudicators and the Festival Organiser is final.

c.     Please respect the Festival adjudicators at all times and refrain from speaking to him/her/them during the Festival. Do speak to the Festival Organiser if you require assistance relating to the Festival adjudicators.

d.    In the event a participant leaves the stage as a result of having forgotten his/her routine or as a result of a technical issue, the participant may be allowed one more chance to perform again, subject to the discretion of the Festival Organiser and/or Festival adjudicators.  

e.    All performances must be on the stage provided.

f.      Repertoire, music, lyrics, costumes and dance content must be age and Festival appropriate. Participants may be penalised or disqualified if the Festival adjudicators feel the repertoire/song choice or the dance routine contains movements that are inappropriate.

g.    All participants must be ready to perform at least 30 mins prior to their scheduled time. The Festival may run ahead/behind schedule and each participant is expected to perform at the adjusted time. Participants who do not turn up or are late for their performance will be deemed disqualified.

h.    The time limit for each performance are as follows:

·      Solo/Duet – 5 mins

·      Trio/Quartet – 5 mins

·      Small Group – 5 mins

·      Medium Group – 7 mins

·      Large group – 10 mins

·      Piano (Beginner – Grade 3) – 3 mins

·      Piano (Grade 4 – Grade 6) – 5 mins

·      Piano (Grade 7 – Grade 8) – 6 mins

·      Piano (Diploma & Above) – 10 mins

i.      Performances should not exceed the time limit stated. Participants may be penalised if their performance exceeds the time limit, subject to the discretion of the Festival Organisers and adjudicators. Please note that props (if any) for the performance should be set up within the stipulated time limits. Performances may be stopped should they exceed the stipulated time limit.

j.      Participants in the Piano (Diploma & Above) category are required to perform from memory. Participants may be penalised for using scores during their performance, subject to the discretion of the Festival Organisers and/or adjudicators.

k.    Participants must provide their own accompanists should they be required. The Festival shall not be held responsible if performers engage their accompanists before the performers' schedule is announced.  

4. music

a.    Participants who would be performing with a backing track are to email their music in .mp3 format to latest by 1 July 2019.

b.    Please include the following relevant details (where applicable) in the email:

·      Participant's name

·      Title of the music

·      Category

·      "Start on or off stage"

c.     Please name the .mp3 file(s) in the following format <participant's name>.<title of music>.<category> (for example: Mel Tan.Never Enough).

d.    Participants are also required to prepare a back-up copy of their music in a thumb drive for the day of their performance in case of any unforeseen technical issues.

e.    Participants undertake to send their music to the Festival Organiser by 1 July 2019.

f.      All music must be age appropriate and must not contain any apparent profanity or vulgar language. Participants may be penalised or disqualified if it is deemed that the music is of this nature.

g.    The Festival is in no way responsible for any breach of copyright by a participant. Participants must be aware of their copyright responsibilities and abide by copyright laws.


a.    The Festival welcomes the use of props in a participant's performance.

b.    Please note that the transportation, set-up and tear-down of props are the sole responsibility of the participant. The Festival Organiser will not be responsible for the handling of props. It is also the participant's responsibility to ensure that the stage is completely clean and clear after the participant's performance.

c.     For the safety of participants, please ensure that any props used during the Festival are not dangerous and not likely to injure, harm or potentially cause death.

d.    The Festival will not be held responsible for any potential injury or death resulting from a prop or props.

e.    Participants who require specialised equipment for their performances must inform the Festival Organisers, in writing, as soon as practicable or latest by 15 June 2019, whichever is earlier.  


a.    Photography and videography is allowed during the Festival. To ensure the smooth running of the Festival, such activity should take place reasonably.

b.    All participants consent to allowing the Festival Organiser to record and photograph all or part of the Festival and related activities for broadcast and promotional purpose without any payment to participants. The participants grant the Festival Organiser the exclusive rights to the recorded materials and photographs.

c.     There will be an official photographer present during the Festival. Photographs will be made available for viewing and download on the Festival's various social media platforms and website after the Festival.  


a.    Each participant must provide their own first aid kit and ice, where necessary.

b.    The Festival Organiser is not responsible for providing any first aid equipment or ice/heat products.


a.    The Festival believes in rewarding participants for their hard work and excellence in performing.

b.    Each and every participant of the Festival will receive a trophy and certificate of participation.

c.     Award ceremonies will take place during the Festival itself, subject to the programming of the Festival Organisers.

d.    Cash awards to be given to the top 3 participants in the Piano (Diploma & Above) category. In the unlikely event where the performance level falls below the expected standards, the Festival adjudicators and the Festival Organiser reserve the rights to withhold the cash awards. The ranking of the top 3 participants would be announced during the Gala Concert.


a.    Outstanding participants and the top 3 participants in the Piano (Diploma & Above) will be invited to perform in the Gala Concert on the final day of the Festival. Performers will be contacted by the Festival Organisers at least one (1) day before the Gala Concert. Any accompanists should be on standby.


a.    All participants must be physically fit and have no ailment that may recur or be exacerbated during the Festival. The Festival Organiser reserves the right to decline a participant from performing for medical or other reasons at their sole discretion. If at any time prior or during the Festival that a participant becomes ill or if his/her physical condition is at risk, he/she may be declared ineligible to participate. The Festival Organiser reserves the right to not allow a participant who appears to have such serious injury or medical condition from performing.

b.    Every care will be taken to ensure the safety of participants. However, the Festival Organiser will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any participant or property during the Festival. Participants in such festivals take certain risks in order to perform, these may include strains, sprains, bruises, broken bones, pulled muscles and more. Participation in the Festival indicates acceptance of such risks by participants.

c.     Each participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that the Festival and the Festival Organiser shall not be liable to any of the participant(s) for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly in connection with the Festival. Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, each participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that the Festival and the Festival Organiser have expressly excluded liability for all direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to injuries, loss or damage to other equipment or property or for loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings pursuant to the Festival.


a.    By registering for the Festival, the participant hereby authorise, agree and consent to allow the Festival Organiser to:

·      Collect, use, disclose and/or process personal data about the participant that he/she provides and that he/she may in future provide the Festival Organiser with and/or that the Festival Organiser possesses about the participant including but not limited to the participant's name, date of birth, email address, telephone numbers, address for the following purposes:

·      Facilitating, processing, dealing with, administering, managing and/or maintaining the participant's relationship with the Festival;

·      Dealing in any matters relating to the Festival Organiser's services and activities;

·      Verifying the participant's identity;

·      Responding to, handling, and processing queries, requests, applications, and feedback from the participant;

·      Processing payment;

·      Sending the participant marketing information about the Festival's future events;

·      Complying with any applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines, or rules, or to assist in law enforcement and investigations conducted by any governmental and/or regulatory authority;

·      Any other purposes for which the participant has provided the information;

·      Transmitting to any unaffiliated third parties including third party service providers and agents, and relevant governmental and/or regulatory authorities, whether in Singapore or abroad, for the aforementioned purposes; and

·      Any other incidental purposes related to or in connection with the above.

·      Disclose the participant's personal data:

·      Where such disclosure is required for performing obligations in the course of or in connection with the Festival; or

·      To third party service providers, agents and other organisations the Festival Organiser have engaged to perform any of the functions listed above.

b.    Should the participant wish to withdraw consent in part or whole, please send an email to and provide details of withdrawal.

Updated 18.03.2019